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One Undershaft: Plan for City of London’s Tallest Tower Unveiled

Once completed, the new One Undershaft tower will stand 73-storeys tall and will be the second highest column in the capital city. The new skyscraper will be a total of 309.6m making it 80m taller than the nearby Cheesegrater, which stands at 224m and will dwarf the 180m-high Gherkin.

Most skyscrapers are only used Mondays-Fridays, however the One Undershaft will be used seven days a week. Visitors can enjoy the public square located at the base of the tower, a free public viewing platform, and a sky-high restaurant.

The 90,000 square meter tower will replace the Aviva Building and will be able to accommodate 10,000 people, 1,500 bicycle spaces as well as new shower and changing facilities.

The planning application will be submitted to the City of London in early 2016.

Jordan Fellner, CIP, CRM, HUB International PROFESSIONAL

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Original article source: BBC News – One Undershaft: Plan for City of London’s tallest tower unveiled

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